(Falling for your) Straight Best Friend : a new queer web series from Singapore

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  So about to hit our screens is a new three-episode web series from Singapore called STRAIGHT BEST FRIEND. Sean Foo, one of the out queer actors in the series, called falling for your straight best friend “one of the oldest clichés in the gay book” but also “one of the most torturous things that … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviewed #LookAtMe : when a Singaporean YouTuber publicly defends his gay twin all hell lets loose

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  #LookAtMe is the latest film by Singaporean film director Ken Kwek. Inspired by similar real-life events, Kwek explores the effects Singapore’s anti-gay laws, discrimination, surveillance, and human rights issues have on a mother and her two sons.  Sean and Ricky Mazuki (both played by Yao) are twins in their late teens who live with … Continue reading

People Like Us : Season 2 of the queer web series from Singapore

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  Since we first wrote about the Singaporean gay web series PEOPLE LIKE US some two years ago, we’ve had the Brit series  THE GRASS ALWAYS GRINDR to watch and enjoy,  The one thing that the two have in common is that have both been produced in conjunction with major HIV Support and Prevention Organisations. … Continue reading

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