Clapham Junction

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Although set in contemporary London when it was filmed in 2007, ‘Clapham Junction’ (named after the area where most of the action is centered) has a decidedly old-fashioned feel to it’s plot.  And a very negative one at that. Commissioned by the UK’s Channel 4 Television Channel to mark the 40th Anniversary of the decriminalisation … Continue reading

Greek Pete

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  Over 12 months the Director followed this passable good-looking rent boy whose best asset was almost 9’ long.  Sadly he’s not exactly bright, has an irritating personality, a loud mouth, and even more annoying are his group of extremely unattractive twinky rent boy friends.  The best bits were when Pete was naked, but not necessarily … Continue reading

In Their Room : London/Berlin/San Francisco

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US Filmmaker Travis Mathews is a professional voyeur.  His documentary movies all focus on gay men and their intimacy and are very raw and explicit. His most successful project to date is ‘Interior Leather Bar’ where he, and a somewhat obsessed James Franco, pieced together what they thought maybe the content of the chunk of … Continue reading

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