East Side Story

Diego is 30 years old, and although a Culinary School graduate, is stuck working as a waiter for his Grandmother’s family style Mexican restaurant ‘Tio Pepe’ in East Los Angeles. The restaurant, like the neighborhood, has seen better days but all that is about to change as white gay men (gringos) are about to invade … Continue reading

Eastern Boys

Filmmaker Robin Campillo’s disturbing new thriller sharply contrasts two different sides of society in contemporary France with a very chilling effect.  The first chapter of his four part story is a near cinéma vérité scene of the Gard de Nord where a gang of Eastern European youths are trailing the platforms seemingly aimlessly, but are obviously set on … Continue reading


Cal and Thom are both in their late 20’s  and been together for 4 years as a couple in Silverlake California, when their relationship is severely tested after Cal discovers that Thom has been cheating on him with Jeremy. As they explore the consequences of how this infidelity will effect them there is a great deal of … Continue reading

Eastsiders Season 2

Cal and Thom are back.  Almost together. At the end of the first season of Eastsiders, the steamy black comic web series, Cal had moved out of the Silverlake condo he shared with Thom his boyfriend of four years after he discovered he had been unfaithful to him. Although they are still living in separate … Continue reading

Easy A

Olive’s best friend Rhiannon at school is so nosey that to stop her pestering with questions about the previous weekend she spent alone she says she slept with a college boy. This information is overheard in the next bathroom stall by Marianne, who is a pious Jesus freak and is so totally horrified that she … Continue reading

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