Codependent Lesbian Space Alien Seeks Similar

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As the title suggests this is a very campy take on all those wonderfully hilariously bad low budget Sci-Fi ‘B’ Movies.  The Aliens are convinced that their over-active emotions will destroy the ozone of their planet and the only way around this is go to earth and have their hearts broken.   One Alien finds a … Continue reading

Judas Kiss

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Only a gay sci-fi movie would feature a plot line where the protagonist has sex with himself!  It’s just one of the hard-to-fathom threads of this well-meaning movie that is all about the whole concept of having a second chance to go back and fix one’s own past. Zachary is a failed film director who’s … Continue reading


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An unrestrained and completely over-the-top pansexual campus sci-fi comedy by famed queer filmmaker Greg Araki.  There is Smith who is still undecided about his sexuality who lusts for Thor his hunky roommate who is straight but likes to play at being gay. His best friend Stella is definitely a lesbian and she meets Lorelei who … Continue reading

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