Are you Proud? Watch this before saying yes

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  Have you ever been in a heated conversation about the factions in our community? A conversation that has questioned why another letter has or has not been added to the LGBTQI+ acronym? This documentary directed by  Ashley Joiner is an ambitious attempt to connect the dots, differences and intersections we live and love with. … Continue reading

Deep In Vogue : Manchester stitches together a new look from second hand material

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  Voguing and the ballroom scene of Harlem have created cultural ripples through the decades and across continents. It has been appropriated, reassembled, packaged, sold and on many occasions sold out. Madonna was one of the first mainstream artists to acknowledge it in a very visible way but there are shards of its impact on … Continue reading

Inside the UK’s Rapidly Changing Drag Culture | Documentary

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  This well-meaning documentary from Netflix takes a look at how the UK’s rapidly changing drag scene is surviving the Covid lockdowns.  However, somewhere along it mixes its message so much and it eventually trails off into confusion.  The film starts out acknowledging the hardworking local drag queens who have always been the mainstay of … Continue reading


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Brit filmmaker Daisy Asquith whisks us through 100 years of homosexuality in England in a tight 71 minutes in Queerama her latest documentary. Combining a real treasure trove of archival footage from extensive vaults of the British Film Institute, with clips from a whole range of LGBT feature films, plus more than a dabbing of vintage … Continue reading

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