All Male, All Nude (and All Disappointing)

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No matter what its management may hype it up as, Swinging Richards is just another Strip Club.  Albeit an all male one where each night some 72 dancers get totally naked to play ‘helicopters’ with their large flaccid penises right in the faces of their very willing mostly-male audiences. It is evidently the only club … Continue reading

Antonio Lopez 1970: Sex, Fashion & Disco

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The illustrator and fashion maverick Antonio Lopez was an extraordinary legendary cultural figure in the 1970’s whose name will hardly resound at all with most people these days, but to a whole clique of the famous fashion and creative souls who lined up to be interviewed for this new documentary, he was nothing less than … Continue reading

BILLIE : Andrew Hebden reviews a riveting new doc on BILLIE HOLLIDAY

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    Saying that this riveting telling of the life of Billie Holiday is our second favourite music documentary of the past few years does not seem like the compliment it is until we remind you that our favourite was the sublime Amazing Grace centered on Aretha Franklin. Whereas Amazing Grace focuses on the vocal … Continue reading

Burn The House Down : Stilettos still kick in France

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  Despite the title’s reference to the original vogue movie Paris is Burning this French documentary serves up a vibrantly haphazard fresh slice of chic. It builds on, rather than just borrows from, the African American ballroom scene.  If you like your intersectionality joyful, human and juicy rather than dry, theoretical and earnest this stiletto … Continue reading

Dragged :The Film

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New York based Danish filmmaker Christopher Birk’s affectionate but somewhat meandering documentary takes a look at the lives of a coterie of assorted New York drag queens that focuses mainly on their particular journeys to get them performing in the not-always-bright-lights in backstreet bars and clubs.  As they share the stories of their struggles (and … Continue reading

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