Garden of the Stars : a lyrical tale about an enchanting final resting place

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  Garden of the Stars is a beautiful lyrical film and is the story of the old St. Matthäus churchyard in Berlin-Schöneberg..  Well, more importantly it is  the story of one rather extraordinary man who has made the place his home since he opened his Cemetary Cafe in 2006. Bernd Boßmann is a psychiatric nurse … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews ‘HOW TO TELL A SECRET’ how millennials deal with HIV in a contemporary Ireland

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  Over the past few years, QUEERGURU has sat through and reviewed 40 feature films that touch on HIV and/or AIDS.  The pandemic of the 1980s and 1990s totally devastated the LGBTQ+ community and became the single largest factor in reshaping our future.  As a queer media that prides itself in its mission to ensure … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga gives a Guatemalan take on the new excellent new Irish doc “How To Tell A Secret”

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WHEN LIVING WITH HIV IS A BLESSING IN DISGUISE In present-day Ireland, many people are silent about their HIV status because society has silenced them,  not only in Ireland, but in Guatemala and other countries, there is no education on the subject, and silence reigns, not to mention vulnerable points along the medicine supply chain … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews BALABAN a rare queer drama from Kazakhstan

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  Balaban is the touching story of the coming-of-age relationship between two teenage HIV-positive girls in Kazakhstan and their journey toward freedom and love. Based on real-life events, writer and director Aysulu Onaran highlights the case of 160 children who were infected with HIV during blood transfusions in Kazakhstan in 2006 when untested blood was … Continue reading

Soft Lad

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22 year old David has been secretly sleeping with his older sister’s husband Jules and now wants to parlay the affair into a proper relationship. That is obviously never going to happen, so a sulky David takes himself off to a gay Club and within five minutes meets Sam who will become the second man … Continue reading

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