What”s The Matter With Gerald?

Openly gay filmmaker Matt Riddlehoover’s portfolio that includes seven feature films and a couple of shorts are all good examples of boy-lite cinema.  They are quirky, funny, easy on the eye stories of contemporary gay men just trying to get their act together. The latest one in this vein reunites writer/director/producer, and sometime actor, Riddlehoover … Continue reading

When The Beat Drops

  When leading choreographer Jamal Sims came across the underground dance movement known as ‘bucking’, he was so taken with it that he decided that this would be the subject of his documentary directing debut. The result is a wonderfully energetic and a rather joyful movie that centers of a group of dancers,  and one in particular who is known as … Continue reading

WOKE Season 2 : the lives and loves in gay Lyon

The second season of the engaging award-winning French LGBTQ series WOKE has landed here, and once again it makes for compelling viewing . This is the story of the melodramatic comings and goings of an LGBTQ Drop In Center in Lyons, which was suddenly turned upside down with the arrival of Hitcham (MEHDI MESKAR) a … Continue reading

Waiting For B

This very quirky and rather slight documentary tells the tale of a group of young Brazilian Beyonce fans in São Paulo who camped outside a stadium for two months before her concert just to ensure to be to get a good spot to see the Show. Most of them were total strangers, and all of them flamboyantly … Continue reading

Waiting In The Wings : The Musical

It seemed somewhat a remarkable co-incidence that I sat down to watch this movie the same night that Mickey Rooney’s death was announced. Mickey will always be ‘Andy Hardy’ to me : the irrepressible boy that thought he could solve all of life’s problems with jumping up and exclaiming ‘Let’s put on a Show’. And … Continue reading

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