Queerguru’s Jose Mayorga reviews HIDDEN LETTERS the compelling tale of Chinese calligraphy that is secret code for women only

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  FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS, WOMEN IN CHINA WERE BORN TO OBEY THEIR FATHERS, HUSBANDS AND SONS. FORBIDDEN TO READ AND WRITE, THEIR VOICES WERE SILENCED. MOST LEFT NO RECORD OF THEIR LIVES. Nushu has many levels, is a secret that belongs to Chinese women, it is calligraphy made by women to preserve a secret … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Jose Mayorga reviews HIDDEN MASTER – The Legacy of George Platt Lynes

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  The story of a little boy from New Jersey that made magic with his camera and was a pioneer in homoerotic and racial portraiture. The name of George Platt Lynes is one not to be overlooked and it is a happy coincidence to learn about his life and art in this month of Pride … Continue reading

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