Free CeCe

    With the sad news this week about the death of Alphonza Watson in Baltimore which brought the number of transgender women of color in the US killed in the first three months up to 8 now, the story of CeCe McDonald takes on an even greater significance.  A compelling new documentary from Jacqueline Gares doesn’t just … Continue reading

    100 Men

      When we read that New Zealand filmmaker Paul Oremland had made a documentary about the 100 sexual partners he has had over the past 40 years,  we were really most impressed.  Not with the number of conquests that he has clocked up, but by the sheer fact that after all this time he could … Continue reading

    Fair Haven

    19 year old James’s (Michael Grant) reward for his long stint at a gay conversion therapy course run by religious zealots is not good news.  On his return home he is greeted by his father (Tom Wopat)  who forced him to go there in the first place, and he immediately learns that all his college fund money has … Continue reading


      This very dark melodrama is the feature film writing/directing debut of French Canadian actor Yan England and is a chilling tale of the possible consequences of unchecked schoolyard homophobia. Sixteen-year-old Tim (Antoine Olivier Pilon) used to be a star athlete on his school track team, but after his mother died he lost all interest in … Continue reading

    Queerguru reviews Jewel’s Catch One

    In her youth, Jewel Thais-Williams dabbled in quite a few different professions, and then in the early 1970’s when her clothing store was badly affected by an economic downturn, she decided to look for a recession-proof business when she noticed that the Bar across the street was for Sale. Even though she had no bartending … Continue reading

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