Milkwater: a tale of how tough life can sometimes be when you are a single girl in NY

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  MILKWATER : this debut feature film from queer filmmaker Morgan Ingari tracks a storyline that initially strikes one as too inconceivable, but gradually really draws you in. Single 20-something-year-old- New Yorker Milo (Molly Bernard) who even at this tender age feels that she is at a crossroads in her life and is begrudgingly watching … Continue reading

Uncle Frank : a mature coming-out story to grab your heart strings

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  Since he won an Academy Award for writing American Beauty  in 1999  openly  gay writer/director/producer Alan Ball has been focusing on creating new work for television.  His groundbreaking series such as Six Feet Under and True Blood swept up Golden Globes and also won Ball a very loyal following too. Now he is back … Continue reading

Lost Boys and Fairies : probably the best ever queer TV series of 2024 : and we defy you not to shed floods of tears

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    Its been a long time since we have ignored our day’s plans just to binge-watch TV.  But then again it’s been an even longer time since we discovered such a powerful emotional drama that just didn’t touch a nerve, but had us soul-searching. Lost Boys and Fairies is a British mini-series that is … Continue reading

A Change of Heart

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After sitting through a rather painful 105 minutes of this seriously unfunny comedy we are still totally surprised that it’s star Jim Belushi didn’t have his own change of heart about being involved in such a disappointing movie. However what it is even more disturbing is that the movie which is produced by Emilio Estefan … Continue reading

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