Portrait of Jason

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In 1967 Oscar nominated filmmaker Shirley Clarke ensconced herself in an apartment in N.Y.’s Chelsea Hotel on the evening of Dec. 3, 1966 and let her camera roll for the next 12 hours. Her subject was a much-larger-than-life articulate African/American man who, drink and cigarette always in hand, seems to never stop laughing. The very … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews the re-released ‘Dressed in Blue (Vestida de Azul)’ a landmark transgender film from 1983

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  The opening nighttime scene presents people walking at Jorge Manrique Street in Madrid, and for a moment you may recall  Rome and Federico Fellini´s masterpiece  Nights of Cabiria, but in a matter of seconds, the women in fur coats scream and run away quickly, the police is coming for them in a raid against … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews THE LIFE AND TIMES OF ALLEN GINSBERG the radical queer visionary that has just been re-released

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Renowned poet, radical queer, visionary, one of the founders of the Beat Generation, lecturer, Buddhist, political activist and more, Allen Ginsberg’s remarkable life shaped the very soul of American counter-culture. The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg condenses 60 hours of film on Ginsberg, painstakingly collected over 25 years by director Jerry Aronson, into a … Continue reading

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