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A reunion with an ex-lover is never the easiest of situations but when it takes place in an STD Clinic it is even more fraught than usual. Asking someone to hold your hand whilst you take an HIV test after having unprotected sex with someone else infers a level of intimacy that is open to … Continue reading


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Even with the best-laid plans, life has a way of never working out exactly as we thought.  Pep (Wieger Windhorst ) and Sjors (Kevin Hassing) have been a couple for several years now and still very happily in love and looking forward to fulfilling two of their dreams together: taking a year off to travel,  … Continue reading

It’s All So Quiet

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  From the 2013 Berlin Film Festival comes this overwhelmingly sad tale of a closeted gay Dutch farmer whose intensely private and repressed life seems to be heading towards either the point of no-return or a major turning point.  Helmer is 55 years old and when he is not attending to the few cattle and sheep … Continue reading

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