Political Animals

The legendary gay activist and writer Larry Kramer always takes great pains to state that how as a community we need our history ….. and he is not just talking about the tome he published last year The American People. It’s a topic that is very dear to queerguru’s heart especially now that several of … Continue reading

Poland’s own “Stonewall” and how the Polish LGBTQ community are fighting back

  This new powerful I-D Video from director/producer Isolde Penwarden takes us inside the very unsettling situation of the LGBTQ community in Poland which over the past two years has seen its rights stripped away.  In the east of the country, their very existence is outlawed with the creation of so many official LGBTQ-free zones.  … Continue reading

P Town Diaries

When the Pilgrims first came to the US on the Mayflower they landed not at Plymouth Rock as is generally assumed, but actually they came ashore at Provincetown.  Being the picky Brits that they were, they never stayed and I think it’s a decision they would bitterly regret now if they saw this delightful movie … Continue reading


If you ever thought that being part of a Pageant was merely just a bit of fun, the you are in for real eye opener with this fascinating award-winning documentary that trails 5 of the 52 contestants who are determined to win the much coveted title Miss Gay America in the 34th year of the … Continue reading

Pageant Material : a queer take on Cinderalla

  For his feature film directorial debut Jonothon Mitchell has queered up everyone’s favorite childhood fairy story : Cinderella.  In Mitchell’s take the heroine is a hero, albeit a ‘fairy’ one, who lives in the Deep South with his wicked step daddy and his two thuggish step-brothers who literally want to beat the life out of … Continue reading

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