Of Girls And Horses

Alex is a sullen rather troubled teenager who has been sent by her adoptive mother to work one summer as an intern on a remote farm in Northern Germany in the hope that this will help her resolve some of her internal struggles.  She is taught by thirty-something-year-old Nina how to train horses with the … Continue reading

Of Love and Law : Japanese gay lawyer couple perfect role models.

  Hikaru Toda’s Of Love and Life is a gentle meandering fly on-the-wall documentary on a charming couple of Japanese men who are not only a gay couple, but the first to head up their own law company.  Masafumi Yoshida and Kazayuki Minami — Fumi and Kazu together for over 13 years   are very happy … Continue reading

Oh Happy Day

Jonathan Law, an ambitious Marketing Executive, is at an annual Advertising Industry Awards Dinner watching all the winners collect their trophies. He is determined that next year it will be him on the stage being honored, but meanwhile later that night he manages to bag himself another prize.  David is a hot-looking New Yorker who … Continue reading

Oh Vey My Son Is Gay!

As the title clearly gives the game away you’ll know already that this movie is about the angst of a Jewish family when they discover their only precious son is not going to be bring home a nice girl home soon. Or in fact any time in the future. Not exactly an earth shattering scenario, … Continue reading

OLYMPIA : an intimate portrait of a remarkable woman

  Queer American/Greek Cypriot filmmaker Harry Mavromichalis debut feature is an exceptionally wonderful intimate fly-on-the wall documentary of the Oscar Winning actress Olympia Dukakis.  Mavromichalis turned his camera on when Dukakis celebrated her 80th birthday and trailed her on and off for the next three years.  Unscripted and unplanned,  this piece of cinema verite captured … Continue reading

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