Queerguru is not the least bit scared (or aroused!) reviewing the gay melodrama The Phantom of The Sauna

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      Javi (newcomer Néstor Goenaga)  comes to the Sauna Popular in search of work in order to enable his dream of becoming a singer to come true. Unfortunately, the business is going through hard times, and so Asun (Antonia San Juan), can only offer him menial work.  Javi is not there long before … Continue reading

Queerguru reviews ISAAC a queer Spanish melodrama

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  Spanish filmmaking duo  David Matamoros and Ángeles Hernández swap their usual roles of producers to become the co-directors and writers of his intriguing queer melodrama. Adapted from a very successful stage play, it is the story of two very different married couples who are quite ruthless in pursuing their own desires. Two close childhood … Continue reading

Something Like Summer

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Something like Summer the rather accomplished directing debut of David Berry from a script by Carlos Pedraza is full of surprises.  What starts out as a sweet LGBT romantic coming-of-age musical actually ends up as melodrama, and a very definite tear-jerker too. In between it covers a lot of ground always trying (and succeeding most of the time) it … Continue reading

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