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Queerguru is not the least bit scared (or aroused!) reviewing the gay melodrama The Phantom of The Sauna




Javi (newcomer Néstor Goenaga)  comes to the Sauna Popular in search of work in order to enable his dream of becoming a singer to come true. Unfortunately, the business is going through hard times, and so Asun (Antonia San Juan), can only offer him menial work.  Javi is not there long before he discovers that everyone there is concealing dark secrets, and the biggest of these is a mysterious individual who lives in the air ducts.   Hmmm, and it is who ends up falling in love with the young man.

They actually shot this wee film in the iconic Sauna Paraíso, in Madrid. The highly unique and characteristic of the classic Madrilenian architecture lends the movie an air of mystery and intimacy that actually gives an air of authenticity to the film that was wrapped up in just 2 weeks.

Despite all the well-meaning intentions, the movie is hampered by some hammy acting. and it belongs to that genre of very low-budget gay films that thinks the answer to a poor script is just to distract us by having the actors get naked again.  If that’s fine with you ……well  

PS The film can be streamed on Spamflix 


Review : Roger Walker-Dack

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