A Distant Place : a finely nuanced Korean queer family drama

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  A Distant Place, the debut feature film from Korean filmmaker Kuo-Young Park, and  is a remarkable finely nuanced tale that evolved into such an exquisite film as beautiful as the stunning rural setting.  It is the first Korean queer film that I have ever seen and I have to confess although I was unsure … Continue reading

Make Me Famous : the story of the charismatic queer East Village artist Ed Brezinski

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  Brian Vincent’s fascinating, albeit somewhat chaotic, documentary on the queer East Village painter Ed Brezinski, is a great addition to other profiles of some of his peers that were released recently.  Firstly there was  Chris McKim’s incisive documentary of the exceptionally talented artist David Wojanarowicz who died of AIDS in  1992 just 37 years old.  Then … Continue reading


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  32 years ago, a NYC-based queer film movement was born. Founded in 1988 in direct response to the AIDS crisis,  NEWFEST the New York LGBTQ+ Film Festival has been a tentpole of NYC’s queer cultural scene. In the subsequent years, it has expanded into a film and media organization with year-long programs to serve … Continue reading

Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews MIGUELS WAR the story of the very charismatic Miguel Jelelaty

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  Miguel’s War is a great documentary about the life of the very charismatic Miguel Jelelaty. Miguel grew up gay in a conservative Christian household in Lebanon during the 1970’s. He found it hard to come to terms with his sexuality and his family’s lack of understanding. In 1982, in an attempt to prove his … Continue reading

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