Always Say Yes : will get this country boy a great deal of action

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  This latest queer movie from Chilean filmmaker Alberto Fuguet takes a very fine line between sexual fantasy and actual pornography .   It’s the story of young Hector  (Gerardo Torres Rodríguez) who leaves his rural him in Hermosillo  for the bright lights of Mexico City where he has hopes of being chosen  to pose naked … Continue reading

ASK ANY BUDDY : a compilation of gay porn from the 60’s to the 80″s

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  Usually when we come across documentaries that cover an aspect of gay history they  are about the evolution of our community.  Or possibly a profile of a iconic queer who has furthered the cause for equal rights, or was an out-performer who made their mark entertaining us  ASK ANY BUDDY is about none of … Continue reading

Berlin Drifters

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  When it comes to sexually explicit movies there is often a fine line between art and pornography, and in Berlin Drifters,  director  Kôichi Imaizumi crosses it back and forth throughout the movie. This tale of two Japanese gay men who are essentially trying to find their own very different ways in Berlin is told through a whole … Continue reading

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