Inside The Chinese Closet

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It would seem that when LGBT men and women come out of the closets as gay to their family in China today, the parents then rush into the closets themselves.  According to this new documentary from Italian filmmaker Sophia Luvarà even liberated Chinese parents who ‘accept’ their children’s sexuality have an immediate concern in that the news … Continue reading

Moneyboys : a powerful queer Chinese story of love, survival and acceptance

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  Since  1996 when East Palace, West Palace was the first Mainland Chinese movie with an explicitly homosexual theme was released, there have been very few films to follow its lead.  Like with MONEYBOYS it is deemed too unsafe to make Chinese queer film actually in situ, so filmmakers such as Taiwan/Austrian C.B. Yi use … Continue reading

Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews “AS WE LIKE IT” a Taiwanese adaptation of Shakespeare with an all-female cast

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  Love flourishes no matter what in William Shakespeare´s As You Like It, a pastoral comedy from the early XVI Century.  The play has been updated in a whimsical film with an entirely female cast and a kitsch touch. The directors dedicate their film to Shakespeare and to the patriarchy who would not allow female … Continue reading

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