Jewel’s Catch One

In her youth, Jewel Thais-Williams dabbled at quite a few different professions and then in the early 1970’s when her clothing store was badly effected by an economic downturn, she decided to look for a recession proof business when  she noticed that the Bar across the street was for Sale. Even she had no bartending or … Continue reading

Jonathan Agassi Saved My Life

  There is a real sense of irony about the title of this documentary about the famous Israeli gay porn star Jonathan Agassi as aside from his seemingly successful career, he seemed hell bent on a spiral of self-destruction. In the opening scenes of the profile Agassi comes over as charismatic confident and extremely good … Continue reading

J T LEROY : Literary Bandit’s Haul of Mirrors

  The story of this literary hoax is a confusing one but the movie is a Dummy’s Guide to JT LeRoy and lays out the pieces in a way that begins to make sense. As it holds up a mirror to people pretending to be who they are not it is hard to decide if … Continue reading

Jack & Yaya: the story of a remarkable friendship

  Jack and Vaya is a very personal story brought to the screen by a small, woman-run production company based in Boston, MA.  In fact the city is is where their story starts . Jack lives there now with his cute dog Plinko and it is where he works as a kindergarten teacher. He actually … Continue reading

Jaded : one of the best LGBT webseries of 2018

  The web series Jaded is a really entertaining look at the contemporary dating scene in San Francisco through the eyes of one 30-something year old man who looks for love in all the wrong places.  It’s the work of writer/performer J D Scalzo who is not only the creator but plays the hapless Jackson … Continue reading

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