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3 is really about 1 who wants both the other 2 who are not sure what they want.  In Tom Twyker’s sophisticated amusing (but not very funny) comedy a reasonably good looking couple in their 40’s in Berlin are bored with their successful lives and with each other.  She is the host of a pseudo intellectual TV talk show and far to clever for her own good.  He is an art engineer that makes constructions for artist’s installations for a company that is struggling.  They have been lovers for 20 years but never married or had children, and their sex-life has now ground to a halt.
In comes Adam.  He meets her through a work situation and then just suddenly keeps bumping into her around the City until they make it to all the way to his bedroom.  He on the other hand is dealing with the recent sudden death of his mother and is recovering from treatment from his newly diagnosed testicular cancer and he meets Adam at the local swimming baths.  They never make it out of the locker room the first time, but soon he discovers for the joy of having sex with a same sex partner.  He is not gay though, well not until now that is, but maybe we are to assume that all the traumas he has just survived could possibly turn him that way? LOL
Both of the couple feel like they have a renewed sense of purpose now that they have their separate secret love affairs, and they actually not only start fancying each other and making out again, but he finally proposes marriage and she accepts.
One evening there is a near miss of a disaster when they both go to a new Art Exhibit and separately spot Adam in the throng and they both start to quietly panic about the possibility of being found out.  It doesn’t happen, but it’s a warning that all this secrecy cannot last much longer.
Now as she is having so much regular sex with both her husband and Adam, she falls pregnant and rushes around to Adam’s apartment to confront him with the news.  Adam is not alone. Hubby is there too.  When they see each other its takes a while for the penny (or pfening) to drop as to why each of them are there.  It does eventually, and she flees.  To London actually where she discovers that she is expecting twins, but she has no idea who the father is.  She goes back to Germany to tell hubby how much she has missed him.  And how she’s missed Adam too.  He’s happy to hear this and tells her he feels the same.  And about Adam as well.
So the 2 become 3.  Well actually eventually 5 I guess.  But will they live hapilly ever after?  I’m not convinced at all.  The trouble is Adam.  He is simply really far too one-dimensional a character that it’s a real stretch to see one person falling for him, let alone two really quite bright people.
Filmmaker Tom Twyker on the other hand has far more dimensions.  He made the wonderful groundbreaking ‘Run Lola Run’ which I loved, and also ‘Perfume, The Story of A Murderer’ which I hated.  I’d place this new one  somewhere in the middle of those two.Available from Amazon


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