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Tender-hearted: Shorts from the UK and Ireland that seek to remind us of the radical possibilities of opening up our hearts to life, love and healing.



The short film programming at the BFI Flare film festival is always excellent and this year was no exception. The last day of the festival today kicked off with Tender-Hearted, a selection of seven British and Irish short films seeking to remind us of the radical possibility of opening up our hearts to life, love and healing.



All the Lights Still Burning  15 mins

Two Pakistani Muslim friends from school bump into each other in Bradford after not having seen each other for several years. Both are now handsome strapping men in their twenties but apart from that lead very different lives. They slowly reconnect in the local mosque and restaurants, before life takes them in an unexpected twist. Excellent, sexy film with rare queer Pakistani representation. 9/10


Cara Mamma  25 mins

Beautiful documentary which follows an Italian aerial performer and her young adult son (and performance partner) as they grapple with her understanding of his transition to a man. Filmed over several years by the husband/father, the filmed communication between the two is via letters and physical performance. The resulting edit is beautiful, emotional and educational.  10/10



Good Boy  16 mins

Ben Whishaw is laugh-out-funny as a hapless queer criminal under the control of his manipulative, equally dodgy, mother. A failed bank robbery sees his day spiral out of control. This is perfect Whishaw territory and he doesn’t disappoint as the film descends into very surreal scenarios.   8/10



Gillyfish  11 mins

How often have we wished that someone else could deal with our family dramas on our behalf? Gillian agrees to help her girlfriend process her trauma in an awkward attempt to heal the past.  7/10




Nothing Special  14 mins

Two hot guys, Gabriel and Luke, connect one night after a film screening. One is the film maker and the other an audience member. Their ideas of queer cinematic romance are put to the test as the one-night-stand becomes emotional. I loved this film which questions the lack of happy endings in queer cinema. Very sexy too. 9/10


Cab Ride   12 mins

Two glamorous girls leave a house party. It’s their third date. The cab journey home becomes an emotional journey as they figure out whether they are really best suited to each other. Fun film that surely mirrors many weekend cab journeys home across the world.  8/10



The Lime Green Shirt   16 mins

When Akash’s controlling mother comes to stay, can the traumatised man summon up enough inner strength to tell her who he really is?  Loosely based on the film-maker’s own life, this is a often humorous film with a serious message that many people will connect with.   8/10


Queerguru’s Contributing Editor Ris Fatah is a successful fashion/luxury business consultant  (when he can be bothered) who divides and wastes his time between London and Ibiza. He is a lover of all things queer, feminist, and human rights in general. @ris.fatah


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