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Queerguru reviews PINECONE a queer Indian film that’s an exploration of love, relationships, and self-discovery.


Like so much of the old British Empire when Brits finally exited countries they had colonized they left behind some very restrictive and inhumane laws.  India is one such case.  The country gained independence in 1947  but it took the Indian Supreme Court another 70 years to repeal the  British Colonial law that had made homosexuality illegal.

It’s no surprise then that the country’s Bollywood Film Industry dragged its heels making films with any LGBTQ+ interest. Initially, such movies portrayed gay characters and themes with stereotypes, clichés, and limited nuances. They were often depicted with exaggerated mannerisms, caricatures, and offensive stereotypes.  There were however some very good exceptions.

One of these was the 2005 film My Brother…Nikhil focused on AIDS awareness in India and also subtly dealt with homosexuality. The film is based on the life of Dominic de Souza, who was an AIDS activist in Goa and the city’s patient zero for the virus.  It was directed by Onir, Bollywood’s only openly gay filmmaker 

His latest film is PINE CONE which has been billed as being semi-autobiographical, it showcases three stories told from the eyes of the lead character Sid Mehra (Vidur Sethi) as he navigates relationships in his quest for love. What sets this film apart is its unique narrative structure, with the stories unfolding in reverse chronological order, spanning the years 2019, 2009, and 1999.

The film starts slowly and initially feels like it’s going to pan out as a simple boy-meets-boy romance but when we first get a glimpse of Sid’s inability to see a future in his latest encounter it really intrigues us.  Onir has chosen to reverse the narrative with the stories unfolding in reverse chronological order, spanning the years 2019, 2009, and 1999. What we end up with is a compelling tale of Sid’s exploration of love, relationships, and self-discovery.

P.S.It is also beautifully shot and shows India at its best   ……. it will be screened next at OUTshine in Fort Lauderdale



Review : Roger Walker-Dack

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