Friday, September 8th, 2017

4 Days

The 4 Days referred too in this Filipino coming-of-age story take place over several years, and always around Valentine Day.

When Mark (Mikoy Morales) is assigned to be the new college roommate of Derek (Sebastian Castro) he has to adjust to the fact that Derek always has a new girlfriend in tow.  In fact through the next few years he manages to date and break up with more than his fair share of girls.  

There never is any discussion between the two young men on the fact that during the same period, Mark has no romantic relationships of his own at all.  That is until one particular day when Derek is upset and in tears about being dumped by his latest failure at love, and is comforted by his roommate.  It’s no shock to us what happens next, but it is to Derek who although he goes along with the idea that Mark is now the new love of his life, he wants the fact to remain strictly within the walls of their room.

The movie helmed by a television director Adolfo Alix Jr. is painfully slow to unfold, and is not helped by the fact that he allows his camera too linger far too long on scenes where practically nothing is happening at all.  Which for the most part is most of the movie.  It is cliched, painfully acted and in fact in all honesty, could really have all been over in 4 minutes. 

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