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The latest queer TV dating show FARMING FOR LOVE is from Canada and already its making us want to saddle up and head North



Could this be the year of new dating shows around the globe that are  specifically for gay men?  In January we wrote about For The Love of DILFS, the gay TV Dating Show  brings together two groups of gay men, the Himbos and the Daddies, to see if they can match up and fall in love across generations.  This show on OUTtv was hosted by Stormy Daniels.

Also that month Peacock’s TV  launched another new Dating Show COUPLE TO THROUPLE for when two is no longer enough.  its a polyamorous dating series for people who no longer believe that three is a crowd and includes will include straight, gay, and anything/everything-in-between couples .

Last month we wrote anout  THE BOYFRIEND,  Japan’s first ever same-sex dating series,  follows nine queer men who band together to live in a beach house and work at a coffee truck for a month, as they begin a quest for love – both romantic and plutonic.

Now Canada is joining the list  and last year they launched Farming For Love, a more open-ended title that promised a far-less restrictive view of relationships, gender, and sexuality. For starters, the show is hosted by hilarious lesbian comic Sabrina Jalees, a Toronto-born performer who’s had credits in series like queer comedy Search Party,  And, the show’s recently premiered second season features its first-ever gay lead—and he’s a total dreamboat!



The reason that you will so want to watch is  Kirkland Douglas a 35-year-old cattle farmer, horse boarder, and former rodeo champion who hails from Rosedale, British Columbia. He’s a second-generation farmer who is proud to be Indigenous, noting that his ancestors have lived off the land for thousands of years. Though Douglas uses he/him pronouns, he also identifies as Two-Spirit, a term with a long history for Native North Americans usually referring to queer folks who hold both a masculine and a feminine spirit.

In his introduction on Farming For Love, Douglas says he had previously moved to the city, but realized he was happier on the farm, which is why he relocated to rural Chilliwack. And since his hometown is “famous for its corn, not its gay men,” the farmer finds himself lonely and looking for love, noting he’s “not super traditional” but still wants to find a monogamous partner who’s in it for the long haul.



On the show Douglas has a handful of sweet and sexy singles to choose from, and they’ll have to go on a series of date—while putting their farm skills to the test–to find the perfect match. Among Douglas’ potential partners are professional dancer Carson, server Gregory, corporate lawyer Issa, server James, general manager Kaleanother professional dancer Shaidon, and architectural designer Taylor.


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