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Sydney’s QUEER SCREEN Film Fest goes to CANNES to screen 5 new movies parallel to the legendary French Fest.



Queer Screen (from Sydney Australia) ‘Goes to Cannes’ for a second year and will be packing five productions to represent at the acclaimed Marché du Film, occurring in conjunction with the 77th Cannes Film Festival on the French Riviera this month.

Seven festivals from across the globe were invited by the Marché du Film to showcase their selection of five original feature titles looking for sales agents, distributors, and festival programmers during the prestigious Cannes season. This year sees Queer Screen, producers of Sydney’s Mardi Gras Film Festival and Queer Screen Film Fest, returning to the invitation-only line-up for a second year as the ‘Goes to Cannes’ program’s only LGBTQIA+ partner.


This year’s selection showcases narratives spanning the spectrum of gay, lesbian, pansexual, bisexual, and transgender experiences and includes three Australian and two international


Heart of the Man : A coming-of-age drama that follows the story of Chris Wundurra, a rising amateur boxer torn between pleasing his father and following his heart. Directed/written and co starring David Cook with Parker Little and Roxanne Mcdonald . (You can read Queerguru’s full review HERE


Sabar Bonda (Arms Of A Man)
A thirty-year-old city-dweller compelled to spend ten-day mourning of his father in the rugged countryside of Western India tenderly bonds with a local farmer struggling to stay unmarried. As the mourning ends, forcing his return, he must decide the fate of his relationship born under duress.
Director: Rohan Parashuram Kanawade  Producers: Neeraj Churi. 



STRANGE CREATURES: Two estranged brothers are forced back into each others’ lives when they’re tasked with scattering the ashes of their recently deceased mother in the country town where she grew up. Director: Henry Boffin Producers: Rachel Forbes & Riley Nottingham





UNDER THE INFLUENCER.  When a struggling digital artist has her work appropriated by a popular art curator, will she remain a victim, or become the perpetrator of an even more villainous crime?  Director: Bryn Woznicki (Director); Lauren Neal (Technical Director). Producers: Jill Bennett, Katie Hall





FROM ALL SIDESA multiracial bisexual married couple and their teenage children find themselves beset from all sides as they navigate work, school, sex, friendships, romances and their colourful neighbours in the outer suburbs of Sydney. Director: Bina Bhattacharya.  Producers: Bina Bhattacharya and Alexander McGhee




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