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Queerguru’s Top Picks of MUST SEE MOVIES at the 40th Edition of Boston’s WICKED QUEER Film Festival



WICKED QUEER : Boston’s LGBTQ Film Festival turns 40th this year.  It is now  the 4th longest running LGBTQ+ Film Festival in North America, and one of Queerguru’s firm favorites, and we are honored to be a Media Sponsor of the Fest

Their mission is to build community and to celebrate Queer storytelling and filmmaking through the uplifting of voices and stories not yet heard and to present and preserve the vibrancy of our histories.  The tantalizing program covers the whole diversity of the LGBTQ+ communities plus this year they have curated a whole range of some of the best movies from the past that give us a chance to look back at Wicked Queer history.


We've had the Queerguru Team scour the entire program to agree on our


Avant Drag  : Queer Greek Filmmaker Fil Ieropoulus is coming back to Wicked Queer …. Boston’s LGBTQ Film Festival …. to screen his second feature film AVANT DRAG.  He  sticks to the subject of queer rights which in the present political climate is more urgent than ever: he follows ten drag performers who find solace in each other as they rebel against their oppressive reality and those who control it.  As the title indicates, these are not those Queens who are just about makeup, wig, or dress that the ubiquitous Ru Paul insists on.  Thank God




Close To You : is one of two films that Elliot Page has produced. Page plays Sam  a thirtysomething young man just getting back on his feet after making some big life changes. He lives in a room he rents from a friend and works a new, fulfilling job. However, he’s been estranged from his family for several years, and tension surrounds his coming out as trans masc. “Close to You” began as a phone conversation between co-writer Page and co-writer/director Dominic Savage, and Savage often films Page with a handheld, almost verite style that puts you right into Sam’s perspective as he navigates this situation.


“Can a vagina be masculine?” This, and many more thought-provoking questions, are posed by interviewer/director Jules Rosskam, in his innovative new documentary Desire Lines, which examines the lives of trans men who also became gay men after transitioning. Rosskam’s film, which premiered  at Sundance, combines drama with documentary.  The combination works well – the purpose of the film is to break down pre-conceived ideas on trans male and trans-masculine gender, identity and sexuality, and this unusual programming format helps break down established thought processes. The focus is on individuality and a broadening of the spectrum of trans visibility. The resulting film is an inclusive celebration of gay trans men and gay trans-masculine lives.




EGOIST.  Its the story of Kosuke (Ryohei Suzuki), a (single) Japanese magazine editor, is desperate for connection and he falls for his personal trainer. They have great chemistry and  It doesn’t take long for the two to open up personally to one another either. This deeply affecting drama with a surprising amount of heart and character depth doesn’t spare us on the explicit nature of their relationship .




Mad About The Boy : it’s way past time for a comprehensive and affectionate profile of Noel Coward the iconic  English playwright, composer, director, actor, and singer, known for his wit, and  flamboyance.  Time magazine called it  “a sense of personal style, a combination of cheek and chic, pose and poise”.  Although The Master, as he was known, is still famous, there may well be a younger generation for whom a resumé of his many achievements will be informative while the old clips seen here – from films, interviews, cabaret performances and even old home movies It is also a essential party of queer community history too 



Newbie Russian filmmakers Agniia Gladanova & Igor Myakotin debut feature film  QUEENDOM  is the story of Gena, a queer artist from a small town in Russia, who stages radical performances in public that become a new form of art and activism –  but also put her life in danger

PS you may also like to check out this interview the filmmakers gave to Queerguru when  they were at 
the Provincetown Film Festival  click HERE 




A stunning debut film by Fawzia Mirza   The Queen of My Dreams whose human insights are entertainingly luminous.  For a film that is set around the death of a father and husband and the funeral that follows it, The Queen of My Dreams is so fresh, and super saturated in color that its vim, sparkle, and humor cannot help but shine through.  The conflict between a mother and a daughter is shown, but rather than trudge predictably towards reconciliation the more interesting story of the parallels between their lives is shown.




 The Summer with Carmen is a delightfully sexy and charming comedy that envelops you in a warm embrace While at Athens’ queer beach, best friends Demos and Nikitas consider turning a recent summer into a screenplay for Nikitas’ feature debut. Imagining their lives as a film, they face pending conflicts in their colorful friendship. There’s no shortage of lust and relationship drama, but the platonic friendship at the center is irresistibly electric.



TURTLES  This  delightful Belgian queer drama is about how Thom and Henri’s 35 year old love affair starts to fall apart when Henri retires from the police force and he starts to re-think his life. As  they  drift away from each other a little more each day, Thom will do anything to  rekindle their love, even if that means asking Henri for a divorce.




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