Monday, April 10th, 2023

(In)convenience : a mini-mart cashier, a guy in transition, and a box of tampons..



One of the (many) things that Queerguru loves about all the LGBTQ+ Film Festivals we cover is the fact that they provide a platform for a whole spectrum of queer short films. which otherwise we may have never had a chance to view.  Boston’s Wicked Queer Fest showed 13 different collections that literally covered the waterfront of queer life. Most of these are from first-time filmmakers who you can see have poured in such love and passion.

Whilst we couldn’t physically review the almost 100 shorts in the program that aired last week at Wicked Queer we wanted to share details of one that in particular captured our attention from filmmaker Alexandra Greenspan.

(In) convenience is about a mini-mart cashier, a guy in transition, and a box of tampons.. It portrays an experience of having the most tender parts of yourself triggered, yet finding the way to move through those hard emotions and into new connections. It’s an intimate portrayal that balances an extremely trying and specific aspect of trans experiences, the sweetness of finding a crush in the city, surveillance of the trans body in the public eye, and awkward and fun queer flirtation. It’s a story of love, and the lead character’s transition is a big part of this, ultimately normalizing and giving insight into his experience.

To see where the film will screen next check out https://inconvenience.alexicography.com/

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