Sunday, December 22nd, 2019

Get back into the Pool with THE DARE PROJECT


Who ever dared to say that most gay relationships are usually just a flash in the pan have never set eyes on the remarkable DARE PROJECT.

It all started some 16 years when two classmates in the Graduate Film Program at Columbia University in New York paired up for their first-year assignment to create an 8-12 minute short film.  There was one catch, they were not allowed to write their own script.

So Adam Salky went out of his comfort zone to take on David Brind’s story of two very different high school boys who come unexpectedly together one night in a confluence of champagne, a swimming pool and adolescent bravado.

The short film DARE was a sensational  success playing over 50 Film Festivals and collecting numerous awards, and even up on Logo’s TV Channel.

Four years later and  Salky and Brind adapted DARE into a full length feature film which premiered at Sundance FIlm Festival with a star studded cast that included Emmy Rossum, Cady Huffman, Zach Gilford, Rooney Mara, Alan Cumming, Ana Gasteyer and Sandra Bernhard..

Then the unbelievable happened.  15 years after the original idea. Salky and Brind got together to film a sequel of what had happened to the two boys who are obviously now grown men. Even more surprising was that they actually got the original actors back to reprise their roles.



The new short is full of surprises and new characters which makes the whole film much edgy than the original but equally as compelling and entertaining 

In Salky and Brind’s own words We can’t wait for you to get back in the pool with us and continue the ride with Ben, Johnny, and the new characters of the Dare world.



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