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NEWFEST Pride NY ; a 5 day Festival with an ecletic program of queer films



NewFest Pride in NY is a 5-day festival event celebrating our community’s legacy and exciting contemporary stories! Featuring premiere screenings, conversations, and parties the Fest is a moment to gather and revel in our rich community’s past, present, and future.

NewFest Pride kicks off June Ist with what has already become one of Queerguru’s fav queer films of 2023 the heartbreaking FAIRYLAND.  Filmmaker Andrew Durham‘s impressive debut feature is an excellent film about a gay dad and his daughter growing up in SF in the 70s and 80s right in the middle of the AIDS pandemic.

You may like to check out the interview Durham gave Queerguru earlier this year. https://queerguru.com/andrew-durham-talks-about-his-totally-unmissable-new-film-fairyland/


“1946: The Mistranslation that Shifted a Culture” or how the Bible got it wrong about Homosexuality….. is a quest for bible truth

About six verses in the Bible contain the word homosexual, since 1946 when it appeared for the first time in the Revised Standard Version (RSV), due to the work and duty of a team of  22 men translators.  The RSV was not modified for 25 years and the texts were printed there in millions of copies of the Bible containing the word homosexual as a stigma against LGTB people.  The misconception spread between readers, pastors, and religious fanatics.  As the film said , “if you mistranslate something, there is a power behind what you are putting out to other people”.  Why does being a homosexual exclude anybody from the kingdom of God?  The film states that it is because of an error, a wrong translation in the Bible.



Before I Change My Mind Is a  feature film debut from Trevor Anderson, in which the highlight is the performance of newcomer Vaughan Murrae as Robin, in a nonbinary lead role. They play an American child that arrives in Edmonton, Canada to live with their smoker father.

It is 1987, at school, Robi´s classmates wonder if he is a boy or a girl, if somebody asks, the question hangs in the air unanswered. No gendered pronouns are used to describe Robin in the film. We are allowed to watch the way the children relate with each other, and through Robin’s appreciation and reactions, develop empathy. The girls and boys are mean to Robin and Tony (Jhztyn Contado), the classmate from different roots, who, for obvious reasons, shows complicity with Robin, who likes to draw.




The Stroll, the opening documentary of the British Film Institute Flare Festival just blew the bloody doors off. Some things in LGBTQ+ film festivals are good, but some things are important. They don’t always coincide. With this authentic yet deeply authoritative work by Kristen Lovell and Zackary Drucker they have achieved both. A threading of black and brown trans history, NYC gentrification, sex work, technology, and culture that is as well-sourced and logically tight as an academic work, as personal as poetry, as moving as an obituary, and as fierce as firefighting. 



NEWFEST PrideFilm Fest begins on 6/01 and will end on 6/05 To see the whole program and book tickets check out https://newfest.org/newfest-pride/


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