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Queerguru’s José Mayorga reviews BEFORE I CHANGE MY MIND where the kids are not alright




In this feature film debut from Trevor Anderson, the highlight is the performance of newcomer Vaughan Murrae as Robin, in a nonbinary lead role.  They play an American child that arrives in Edmonton, Canada to live with their smoker father.

It is 1987, at school, Robin´s classmates wonder if he is a boy or a girl, if somebody asks, the question hangs in the air unanswered.  No gendered pronouns are used to describe Robin in the film.  We are allowed to watch the way the children relate with each other, and through Robin’s appreciation and reactions, develop empathy. The girls and boys are mean to Robin and Tony (Jhztyn Contado), the classmate from different roots, who, for obvious reasons, shows complicity with Robin, who likes to draw.

The 80s aesthetic is a bit shy (floppy disks?) and shown in a poor way. The music teacher wears a wig that is terrible, a Madonna-Who´s That Girl,  impersonation in the street at day time providing beer, shows up. There is also a kind of unfortunate prom show slightly inspired by Jesus Christ Superstar.  Sadly the ensemble cast is stereotypical except for Robin, and Lavey Oake who plays Izzy.  She makes an impression with her lip gloss and the Lolita sunglasses that she and Robin like and steal from the store. 

The script for Before I Change My Mind by. Anderson and Fish Griwkowsky was named on the GLAAD List at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, which frankly we found surprising.  The film just had its world premiere at the 75th Locarno Film Festival as a part of Concorso Cineasti del presente.



Review by José Mayorga , Guatemala, Central America  lawyer and notary public, visual artist, and editor of
El Azar Cultural,, lives and works in Guatemala City. Cinema lover, curious about the possibilities 
life brings and eager to live the experience.

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