Monday, October 24th, 2022

Wreck is a new hilarious British six-part queer comedy horror television series that you need to watch


For me, the whole concept of having to go on a Cruise would be an absolute nightmare, so it kind of makes sense that it could be the setting for a horror story.  Especially such a campy comedy-slasher like WRECK…….. where the murderer is dressed up in a big duck costume.

Jamie (Oscar Kennedy) joins the crew of the Sacramentum because his sister Pippa (Jodie Tyack)  went missing while on board the ship months earlier and he wants answers.  Little does he know, though, that the ship’s duck mascot Quacky tried to savagely murder her, before forcing her to jump into the sea. 

Alongside Jamie, there’s his closest ally Vivian, played by Thaddea Graham, ‘mean girl’ Hamish, played by James Phoon, and ‘powerful’ Cher impersonator Rosie, played by Miya Ocego.  However, creator Ryan j. Brown explains one of the differences about his show is that the characters’ LGBTQ+ identities are not central to the show – they’re just there

PS Wreck has just started on BBC Three and iPlayer in the UK : to screen in it other countries you will need a VPN

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