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The Thing About Harry: well, he’s cute as hell for a start


Since actor Peter Paige had his breakthrough in the groundbreaking series QUEER  AS FOLK , he has gone on to carve out a very successful career as a writer/director.  His latest film is The Thing About Harry made for the Freeform Cable TV a highly enjoyable queer rom-com that was released on Valentine’s Day 

It’s the story of Sam (Jake Borelli) a college student in Chicago who is about to go back to his hometown for a friend’s engagement party when he asked to give a ride to Harry (Niko Terho) .  They had both been at high school together but were hardly friends after Harry publically humiliated Sam for being openly gay.  Now on the 9 hour car ride and an overnight stay in a motel, the two men start to unexpectedly bond, and there is a very definite twinkle in Sam’s eyes.

When they arrive at their destination, Harry’s ex girlfriend reappears to claim him back, and this is the first of many incidents over the next few years when any possible romantic relationship between panssexul Harry and our gay hero seems like it is destined to  never get off the ground.

Kudos to Paige, and his co-writer Joshua Senter  for the constant twists and turns in this rollercoaster relationship  with its witty and funny script that keep us guessing to the very end.  This thoroughly entertaining boy-lit romantic comedy may not be groundbreaking in any way, but by playing with the boys sexual identities and aspirations it makes for compelling viewing.

Excellent casting with some pitch perfect from the two leads, especially from Terho surprisingly making his acting debut complete the enjoyable experience.

Before Disney bought  the FREEFORM Channel  in 2016 it was owned the right-wing conservative Christian Broadcasting Network, who must have choked at the very sight of two happy gay men kissing on screen. 

Check screening times https://freeform.go.com/movies/the-thing-about-harry

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