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The steamy gay romance below stairs in Queen Charlotte the stunning Bridgerton prequel




One of the very many reasons why the Emmy-Award-winning period drama BRIDGERTON has a massive gay following is the fact they always cast the most handsome men.  May sound a little trite when you think how this perfect Regency period drama is filmed in the very best stately homes of England in stunning locations with an extremely talented cast that gets to wear such fabulous costumes, And we haven’t even mentioned the fabulous wigs and the clever take on current music for the soundtracks.

Created by out-gay filmmaker Chris Van Dusen (Greys Anatomy, Scandal) from a series of novels by Julia Quinn, this Netflix series from uber-producer with the Midas touch Shonda Rhimes earns our loyalty by the way it takes LGBTQ characters seriously.

The current Bridgerton series screening Queen Charlotte is actually a prequel to the other two as it is the tale of George when met and married his Queen at such a very young age, and before he really totally succumbed to his madness.  Beautiful played by India Amarteifio and  Corey Mylchreest its a heart-wrenching and rather unique love story that draws you in from the very first moment. Running alongside this is a very touching romance between the King and Queen’s right-hand men that is given its own prominence  Not only that Reynolds (Freddie Dennis) and Brimsley  (Sam Clemmett) ensure that their love-making scenes which very little to the imagination are as hot as hell.




P.S. Later this month BRIDGERTON Series Three starts : here’s a sneak preview : 

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