Saturday, September 17th, 2022

SWARM …. inspired by a condition of self struggle. ….by Nir Arieli & Yarden Lior.


In times of isolation and solitude, ‘Swarm’ presents a movement segment inspired by a condition of self struggle. The part-staged part-improvised dance piece explores the space between the longing for connection and the loss of sanity. The point of touch with each other (hands) and with the earth (feet) was painted to symbolize the barrier that was forced on humanity since the hit of the pandemic.


Created by Nir Arieli / www.NirArieli.com / Instagram: @nirarieli
& Yarden Lior / www.YardenLior.com / Instagram: @yardenlior


Yarden Lior is a filmmaker based in NYC. He spends his time filming for fashion brands, short films, making music and drinking coffee. His love for filmmaking is driven by the need to create and explore different worlds with unique characters, hoping to understand what drives us as humans.


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Genres:  experimental, shorts

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