Saturday, April 23rd, 2022

Sort Of : one of the funniest queer comedies on HBO Max



We’ve just come across this wee gem on HBO max that slipped by us when it was first released.  It’s the gentle story of a gender-fluid Toronto millennial of Pakistani heritage in an eight-part Canadian comedy about identity. It was created by its star, Bilal Baig, and director Fab Filippo, this and all its 20-minute installments are funny, tender, and humane.

Baig plays Sabi Mehboob, the nonbinary child of Pakistani immigrants who has long flowing hair, wears dresses and uses they/them pronouns. , Sabi has two part-time jobs — as a bartender at an LGBTQ bar and as a nanny for the mixed-race kids of a designer, Bessy (Grace Lynn Kung), and her jerk of a husband, Paul (Gray Powell).

Sabi is about to move to Berlin with their best friend 7ven (Amanda Cordner) who’s also nonbinary when Bessy gets in an accident and falls into a coma. They are left dealing with the motherless kids and also his own mother (Ellora Patnaik) who’s still grappling with the fact that her child hasn’t become who she and her husband had expected

SORT OF streams on HBO Max 

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