Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Sean Hayes to be (a kind of) gay James Bond in Q Force


Whatever did we homos watch on TV before Netflix discovered us? Granted not all of their LGBTQ+ programming is A+ material,  and sometimes they get a black when they give us something truly original and groundbreaking like Ryan O’Connell’s Special which they then proceed to cancel prematurely.

Netflix’s latest attempt at amusing us queers had just landed in Queerguru’s intray.   It’s called Q Force and it’s a funny, animated queer spy series with the nearest thing we will ever see to a gay James Bond.

Steve Maryweather – also known as Agent Mary – is graduating at the top of his class at the American Intelligence Agency (AIA).when he suddenly reveals to his classmates that he is gay.  Naturally, that doesn’t sit at all well with Dirk Chunley the Agency Director who immediately demotes him from first place.

But as he is unable to officially fire him, the Director had the bright idea of sending Maryweather to West Hollywood to “disappear into obscurity”,\.

However, the plan backfires as Maryweather is in his element and soon hooks up with a misfit squad of LGBT+ superspies.  Their plan is to fight back at the agency for their poor treatment, but they actually go on being the heroes of the day.  (Like we gays always do  …lol) 

Good news is that Sean Hayes will play Maryweather and the fab Wanda Sykes will play one of his sidekicks, plus the cast will include trans actor Patti Harrison .  

Q-Force debuts on Netflix on 2 September., but meanwhile here’s a taster to  whet your appetite 

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