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Run For More : the compelling documentary about a charismatic Texan transgender woman and her fight ‘for a seat at the table’


So many of us in the LGBTQ+ community have such traumatic experiences when we ‘come out’ that it can have such an adverse effect on our future behavior in society.  Even more for those that are the ‘T’ part of the equation.  However not so for Frankie Gonzales-Wolfe a transgender woman in Texas who was so exasperated by legislatures passing bills attacking trans people, she decides to make history as the first openly elected transgender official in Texas.

She doesn’t take an easy route as  San Antonio’s District 8 is one of the poorest and roughest in the City in Texas probably the most transphobic US State. But right from the start of Ray Whitehouse’s debut documentary, we are so struck by Frankie’s infectious passion and her sheer energy that we know whatever happens it will not be for the lack of giving it her best shot.

We get this image of her enjoying a very successful life working as a successful corporate executive and a campaign manager for others.  Plus the support (her saint of a) military veteran husband Jeff and loving mother and the Trans United Fund which supports trans people seeking election Frankie feels empowered.

It is an uphill battle with her voting signs being torn down and as she trapes around every single community group ….no matter how small….. to seek their endorsement.  One of the only times we ever see Frankie despondent is when the local Stonewall Democrats endorse her rival even though he never even bothers to show up for the meeting  We find ourselves blowing up in anger on her behalf.

Whitehouse skilfully handles the traumas of Frankie’s past where she was sexually assaulted (which sadly is the norm for so many transgender women).  She never lets it define her or even allow it to be a major part of her story  ……well in public at least.  It soon becomes clear to us why we are falling in love with her …. it’s her unfailing desire/ambition to be (as she says) a voice at the table.  That and her larger-than-life charisma

We have recently realized that Queerguru has actually reviewed approx 100. films that are about transgender men, women, and kids  (Click HERE for details).  Each story is different but, like Run For More, makes a significant contribution to the continuing dialogue about the trans and genderqueer community.

So there can be no spoilers here, although there is an unexpected happy ending. Even more important in this current transphobic political climate is we can only hope that in the future we will see more Frankies.  The world would be a better place for us all then

P.S. We reviewed the film at Boston’s WICKED QUEER Film Festival , to find out about future screenings check https://www.arunformore.com/




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