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Queerguru’s Ris Fatah reviews BRINGING HIM BACK a new queer Spanish psycho-drama streaming online


Bringing Him Back is an intense yet gentle psycho-drama about family, set in the Spanish countryside outside Barcelona. Following his mother’s death, Moi (Ricardo Gomez) travels with his boyfriend, post-grad student Biel (Eneko Sagardoy), back to his mother’s rural house. His sister Mia (Bruna Cusi) has already returned to the house and the three twenty-somethings share a few fairly idyllic days reminiscing about the past, going to the beach, and learning to adapt their city habits to those of the countryside. Mia and Moi’s lives are somewhat directionless so they are in no rush to leave the house, and it is clear that Moi is suffering from some deep trauma that affects him to the core. This trauma intensifies once Mia’s sexy, rather antagonistic, ex-boyfriend Mikel (Joe Manjon) makes an unannounced visit, setting off a very tense, sensual series of events. 

Written and directed by Borja de la Vega, Bringing Him Back is a very clever movie. The full back story to Moi and Mia, and Moi’s trauma, is not handed to the viewer on a plate, but rather needs to be pieced together from clues in the dialogue throughout the film as it is fundamental to understanding the plot. I can’t tell you more than that however without giving the plot away. Beautifully shot in the Spanish countryside during the summer, we are taken on a tender journey to some dark places with themes including family trauma, mental health, human connection, abuse, wound healing and loss. A very poetic piece of work. The dialogue is often minimal with the characters communicating through looks and silences, giving the viewer scope to imagine what is being thought. The casting is excellent with Joe Manjon’s Mikel a particularly fine performance. The special relationship between Mia and Moi is also excellently portrayed by Ricardo Gomez and Bruna Cusi. Highly recommended.


The movie is available streaming or DVD from TLA Releasing or Amazon from Jan 18th 



Review: Ris Fatah 

Queerguru Contributing Editor Ris Fatah is a successful fashion/luxury business consultant  (when he can be bothered) who divides and wastes his time between London and Ibiza. He is a lover of all things queer, feminist, and human rights in general. @ris.fatah

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