Tuesday, January 11th, 2022

Queerguru’s Parisian Contributor Richard Gilles reviews FRENCH BOYS : two compilations of queer short films


From a sociological, technical, and personal – French native – viewpoint, THE FRENCH BOYS are very much Gallic indeed in their social transcription of nowadays reality for young French men. It consists of a beautiful collection of short fiction films where the audience learns how French boys from different ethnical backgrounds can engage (or not) with their sexuality within their surroundings but most will not avoid a certain degree of violence and homophobia still ingrained in French society, all classes in consideration. 

At the same time, the family links shown here – a large spectrum from total rejection to sheer acceptance  – display how homosexuality has evolved in the same society since 1982, the year homosexuality stopped being a crime in France.

Film direction, quality of the scripts, lighting, a poetic camera playing with reality… What makes French cinema so unique is also there for the QueerGuru audience to relish on.

The French Boys  and The French Boys 2  from NQV Media are now available from AMAZON WORlDWIDE Peccadillo Pod+ Vimeo 


Richard Gilles is slightly past his prime, but still vivacious true Parisian spirit. He has worked as a journalist in the spheres of the arts and luxury for the last few decades and is now the happy correspondent for QueerGuru in the City of Lights.

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