Saturday, April 1st, 2023

Money Shot : The Pornhub Story


Pornography is an industry that catches very few breaks. It is condemned on morality grounds, and the fact that is driven by capitalism, and the fact it can be unsafe for the performers too.  It’s a subject that everybody has an opinion on, and one that has become totally a no-go on all social media.  That is hardly surprising as just using the word ‘sex’ on Facebook and Twitter can get you banned. 

The latter is the reason rather than being censored anonymously by the bots behind SM, Queerguru self-censors itself by publishing anything remotely to do with sex only on its own website 

Filmmaker Suzanne Hillinger’s far-reaching documentary Money Shot, The Pornhub Story deserves a wide audience (and thanks to Netflix it should get one).  Not just for setting straight some of the industry’s myths but also for exposing facts like some of the loudest anti-Pornhub voices have ties to the extreme political right‌.  Plus she never loses sight of the workers whose safety and success should be the profession’s number one priority.

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