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Lady Buds : the compelling story of 6 women who were pioneers in growing cannabis



Lady Buds is a compelling award-winning documentary from queer filmmaker Chris J Russo that is a must-see for anyone who takes their cannabis ‘serious’.  Her story follows six courageous women transitioning from the illicit market to the newly regulated market in the California cannabis industry. But the new legislation, with regulations that favor deep pockets and corporations, has replaced their initial optimism with uncertainty and fear.

Those who shaped the foundations of the cannabis industry in the shadows for decades soon find themselves unable to keep up with the stark changes and the influx of big money, leaving many legacy farmers, medicinal patients, and marginalized communities unprotected and unacknowledged.

The diverse voices in Lady Buds include: Latinx cannabis activist Felicia Carbajal, 70-year African-American retired Catholic school principal Sue Taylor, New York to Humboldt transplant Karyn Wagner, second-generation cannabis farmer Chiah Rodriques, and OG elders The Bud Sisters. They touch upon the history and rich narratives that make up the cannabis community— from the LGBT activists who fought for legalizing medical marijuana, to advocacy to educate seniors about the medicinal benefits of cannabis, to the fight for social justice for those affected by the War on Drugs, and to raising children living on a cannabis farm — these women’s stories and mission challenge stereotypes to reveal that cannabis is much more than a plant, it’s a world of compassion.


LADY BUDS is on most major streaming platforms :  Starz, AppleTV+, Amazon, as well as Google, Vudu, 
Hulu (via Starz add on), iTunes



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