Monday, October 26th, 2020

Irene Williams : Queen of Lincoln Road


One of the many reasons QUEERGURU started to transition from London to Miami Beach in 1998 was the sheer over-the-top life style and eclectic collection of eccentric characters who called Miami home.

In an ever changing landscape many of the old Jewish population were being superseded by an LGBTQ crowd  who had falling in love with the sheer vitality of the place.

In 1995 Eric Smith a very successful sock designer from New York used to fly down in the Winter to on weekends to catch some rays.  One afternoon after leaving the beach and wandering down Lincoln Road he met the diminutive and very colorful Irene Williams.

Smith felt compelled to stop this vision and talk with her.  There was an instant connection between the gay NY Designer and this self taught  fashion enthusiast who shared both a love of clothes and making them brighten their own lifes.

Over the next few years Smith would catch up with Miss Williams and film their encounters until eventually her health started to decline and she had to move to Assisted Living.

It was a joyous relationship which shines through Smith’s affectionate short film which we will confess to have watched many many times.  Thanks to him for making this record and to Frameline Distribution for making it available.  This so needs to be seen and shared.

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