Tuesday, February 27th, 2018

I’m Fine Season 2 (is not so fine)

The second series of the LGBT drama web series set in West Hollywood and called I’m Fine has just been released.  It is the continuing story of Nate (Perry Powell) a twenty-something-year-old who has just broken up with his boyfriend and is literally trying to convince himself and his best friends that he really is totally fine when it is obvious that he is so not. As he lives in WeHo Nate is hardly short of candidates for possible replacements, if only he wasn’t so picky.  And if he really was ‘over’ his ‘ex’.

The first really fun series was written and directed by  BRANDON KIRBY  (who also helmed the new series) who gave us a clever insight on how we look at gay men experience friendships and relationships, and all of it done tongue-in-cheek.  

However now that Nate was hit on by his best friend Jeff (Lee Doud) who in hindsight regretted the move, and Joey (Shaughn Buchholz ) Nate’s ex does not want  to remain friends, and Brian (Ulysses Morazan) ends up regretting convincing his boyfriend Andy (Richard Stokes) to try an open relationship, this tight-knit group of friends seem to be in serious danger of falling apart. The trouble is that this time around there is so much incessant naval-gazing that lacks the sharp-witted humor of the first series, and replaces it too often with way too much whining.

Maybe this is a more accurate account of how a typical clique of WeHo gay boys navigates their lives, but it did make it much harder to engage with the new storylines and the end result was far less entertaining. Season 2 was a  sad disappointment after the wonderfully high-spirited series one.


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