Friday, May 22nd, 2020

Global Gay : the journey towards the universal decriminalization of homosexuality

This excellent French TV documentary about the journey towards the universal decriminalization of homosexuality was made in 2014,  and sadly very little progress has been made since then 

President Obama had supported UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon efforts at what he called ‘the final  frontier in human rights“.  Out of 196 UN member states, there are 7 where it is punishable by death. In 84 others, it can merit prison and physical punishment

After years of long diplomatic struggle, several world leaders have declared themselves in favor of the universal decriminalization of homosexuality But others have followed the very public eads of Trump and Putin in actually wanting to turn the clock back.  If nothing else the past four years have taught us that global acceptance and equality will take a great deal of time to achieve.

‘Global Gay’ follows this battle for decriminalization through the lives and work of some of its fearless pioneers, providing a vibrant chronicle of the growing global social movement.words Ban Ki Moon said  “The time has come”.   We hope he’s proved right, but just right now that is kind of hard to believe.


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