Sunday, October 18th, 2020

Getting It : when misery meets depression are they a love-match?


Getting It is one of those slightly old-fashioned queer movies that maybe lacking in budget which it substitutes with as much enthusiasm as it can possibly muster.  Mainly coming from Tom Heard in his debut feature film as  writer/director/producer/star.  He plays Jamie a self-absorbed and somewhat embittered middle-aged gay man stuck in a miserable life.

Jamie is an ex husband and ex cabaret singer who insists on whining to his few friends, that’s when he’s not carousing his reluctant neighbors . One of whom is Ben (Donato De Luca) a young budding gay poet who is temporarily lodging with his angry older brother and sweet sister in-law after the death of his mother.

Ben is depressed so Sis-in-law, at her wits end, suggests that Jamie try and cheer him up as after they are both gay.  And we all know that gay men all love each other……. but of course in this case, they don’t.  Well not yet.

Can Jamie think about someone  else for once in his life?  Can Ben find happiness with a grumpy man old enough to be his father?  No spoilers nere but we can tell you that he answer lies very neatly in a new Breaking Glass Pictures DVD.

We should give  kudos to stand out performances from the talented De Luca  as Ben for convincing us that this could be the real  thing for him.  Plus the excellent Sharron Bower  as Elaine who’s Jaime’s long suffering best friend and boss, who should have walked out years ago.

This could make a cute first date movie, that’s  if you don’t mind the overly  emotional music soundtrack 

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