Wednesday, March 16th, 2022

#FiveFilmsForFreedom 2022 : a collaboration between BFI Flare & The British Council


In partnership with BFI Flare: London LGBTIQ+ Film Festival, the British Council makes five LGBTIQ+ themed short films available for the world to watch online for free, over an 11-day period each year.

The 2022 program runs from 16-27 March screening films from India, China, Croatia, Panama and the UK.

Through their global network in more than 100 countries, the Council encourages people to watch the films in solidarity with LGBTIQ+ communities, particularly in places where freedom and equal rights are limited in recognition of the fact that Love is a Human Right.

Running since 2015, the program has been seen by 17 million people. The films have been watched in over 200 countries and principalities, including many parts of the world where homosexuality is criminalized, and in some cases, punishable by the death penalty.

Frozen Out | directed by Hao Zhou

Delivered as a letter to the protagonist’s sister in rural China, Hao Zhou’s film meditates on identity, self-exile, home, and ties to family.



All Those Sensations In My Belly | directed by Marko Djeska

Croatian director Marko Djeska’s animated documentary introduces trans girl, Matia, and tells the true story of her experience of transitioning and the complexity of finding true love with a heterosexual man.



Sunday | directed by Arun Fulara

Indian director Arun Fulara’s Sunday captures middle-aged Kamble’s weekly visit to the neighborhood barbershop – but he’s not just going for a shave. He can’t wait to be touched by Jaan, the new barber-boy he has a crush on. It’s the highlight of his otherwise dull existence as a married man leading a dual life in a society that resists homosexuality.



Birthday Boy| directed by Judith Corro

In Panamanian director Judith Corro’s Birthday Boy (Vuelta al Sol) it’s César’s birthday and his parents expect him to wear clothes that make Cesar feel uncomfortable. Now he has to make a decision: continue to please his family’s expectations or be true to his identity as a trans man.




For Love| directed by Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor

In British-Nigerian director Joy Gharoro-Akpojotor’s For Love, illegal immigrant, Nkechi, lives happily in the shadows with her partner Martha. But, when immigration officers turns up unexpectedly, the pair have to make difficult decisions about their future together.



You can also watch a selection of films from previous Five Films For Freedom programmes here!

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