Monday, June 1st, 2020

Every Bad Boy needs his Daddy


If you are worried about opening your front door to strangers during the COVID 19 Lockdown, then you need to check out actor Artie O’Daly’s very cute web series BAD BOY and see what you may be missing.

O’Daly plays mild-mannered Scott a writer who works from home and who is being constantly interrupted by a stream of handsome young men knocking at his front door..   They each have a very funny and implausible story as to why they are there, and without exception they all insist on calling him their Daddy Scott.  That just both flatters and annoys him 

There is a kind of a loose narrative that ties each of the short episodes together, but more importantly each of them are very engaging and extremely watchable and  you will want to watch them all regardless.

Bad Boy can be viewed  on You Tube,Dekkoo.com,  and Amazon Prime


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