Sunday, November 12th, 2023

Escaping Twin Flames: the Netflix expose doc that will make you as angry as Hell!



If you need an avenue to let out any unsupressed anger then you can do no better than watch Netflix’s latest expose documentary series Escaping Twin Flames.  Like other cults that prey on people’s needs/desires to find a romantic/life partner this one actually is both more intuitive and harmful than most

Twin Flames Universe is an online site that promises to guide people to their spiritual soul mate. Run by married couple Jeff and Shaleia Divine (sic) who cover up their total inability to guide their growing band of members to everlasting love by switching tracks midstream claiming that God has guided them to pair members with each other. 

The main problem with that is this essentially heterosexual dating site has far more women than men.  However, Jeff and Shaleia do not view that as an obstacle at all, and they start not only challenging women members’ sexuality but literally bullying them into assuming new gender identities and pronouns.  They insist that they are really men in women’s bodies and that humans can only embody “Divine Feminine” or “Divine Masculine” energy.  

It actually even works at times with young female members in their 20s coming out as transgender.  This may test your incredulity just reading about this but the reality of seeing it on the screen as the two leaders manipulate and take advantage of some confused young women shows their sheer evil.  It even seems more cruel as parents are abandoned and are unable  to even communicate in any way with their newly ‘converted’ children 

Sadly this tale travels down a well-trod past with people seeking love being conned by unscrupulous people with little regard for either their victims or the law.  What makes this one even more pernicious than most is because of the worrying antics of these evil anti-trans leaders which may actually find a willing audience in this present unsettling political climate 

PS What’s even worse is that even with this very compelling expose, the two con artists will live to rue another day and another vulnerable crowd.  After all before this one, they claimed to have the ability to spiritually cure cancer.



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